What belongs to the other

You are the thing of the other that is tasted secretly…

The flow of my gaze leaves you breathless:
may God drop you from the branch right in front of my feet
like the bird from the eyes of the snake! You can’t even take a step.
Already you are entangled in a dense net of arrows –
they are my eyelashes that prick your translucent skin and
enchanted, embed in your chest,
covered with the ice of an alien beauty.
My gaze is the archdemon of Hades uprising;
My gaze is his smoldering tongue that licks you.
The arrows of my gaze burrow into the subtle pores of your shivering body,
blanched by the lacy foam of the seas.
I feel the cracking of your icy armor. I heard it…
“crack”, something in your chest. Your internal statue
fighting to unshackle the winter paralysis of a tabooed and profane freedom.

You are this thing and shelter belonging only to you.
The other will back off. At some point.

I love your lively belly, quivering like an electric fish in my hand.
For Poseidon’s sake, you are a sea trophy! You’re a fish, a siren, crimson coral and Medusa.
Your hair will flood the bed with the mystery of the depths: I feel
how you’ll unravel among the confusing foam between the sheets
like a party of re-creation on an ancient island.
The other took his fill without coming near the heart of your mystery.
This discovery, it’s not his!
The arrows of my eyelashes got lost in your medlar-like whiteness.
If your wall of icy crystals doesn’t collapse now…
It will be tragedy, a tragedy without eyelashes,
and my eyes will remain ever frozen,
nailed to the wall…
May they never see again!

Translated into English: Elvana Zaimi & Craig Czury